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Garage Door Maintenance in Dedham, Massachusetts

Questions about garage doors or proper garage door maintenance? O'Malley's Overhead Door Co. in Dedham, Massachusetts is here to help.
Q. How do I perform garage door maintenance?

To improve the appearance, and remove corrosive elements, the exterior face of aluminum and vinyl garage doors should be washed with a mild detergent every two months, or more if your garage doors are exposed to excessive levels of corrosive elements. If your garage doors are constructed with a timber finish or equipped with a motorized opener, follow the manufacturer's specific maintenance recommendations.
Q. How do I use my motorized garage door opener during power outages?

A: Most garage door openers contain a manual release handle that disengages the doors from the lifting mechanism. By simply pulling the pull cord, typically found near the assembly mounting, you'll disengage the lifting mechanism.
Q. Why are door springs adjusted after installing a motorized opener?

A: Springs are initially adjusted for the specific height of our garage doors and may become stretched, causing operational issues. Adjustments are also performed to correct motor sensitivity settings.
Q. Can I minimize noise created by motorized garage door openers?

A: Vibration isolator kits can be mounted between the motor assembly and rafters to insulate noise; replacing metal chains with rubber belts may also reduce noise.
Q. Is it normal for the chain to appear loose?

A: When in the closed position, slight sagging is normal. If you notice jerking as your garage door is opening or closing, a technician should examine the issue and adjust the chain to avoid future garage door repairs.
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